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About BeGlobal

BeGlobal is busy all day long with the best there is. From our head office in Waddinxveen we create the most beautiful, fun and most creative Product Media for you and your company. We do this with our own studio and product specialists. BeGlobal is at your service with a team of 30 enthusiastic women and men. Everyone on the team has his or her own specialty and is happy to help strengthen your brand.

But what is meant by Product Media?
BeGlobal is a full-service Product Media company. This means that we are your partner when it comes to showcasing your brand. We can help you with this by using business gifts, giveaways and promotional items, in the broadest sense of the word. It is often referred to as 'business gifts'. A gift is characterized as something that is given away without expecting a result in return. BeGlobal believes that you should expect more from the items you give away that carry your brand. That is why we use the term 'product media' in our company name.

What does BeGlobal mean by 'Building Brands'?
Building and expanding a brand is not easy. But a good brand, which stands out from the competition, has many advantages. A positive association with your brand not only makes your contacts feel good about your organization. They are also more likely to buy something from you. We are convinced that Product Media can make a huge contribution to building your brand. This vision is a central principle, as well as all the Product Media proposals we make.

You will find part of our range of services on our webshop, but the possibilities go far beyond what we can show you here. Is your product not listed? Or, do you have specific requests? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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